Looking for Cheap SEO?

As mentioned previously cheap SEO doesnt mean sub-standard SEO and it really only because of very low overheads that I am able to offer much cheaper prices than most other SEO companies.

What is SEO?

For those that don’t know SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it is the process of building a websites rank on Google. There are 2 different elements of google search, the first is the ads section or better known as Google Adwords which is where you can pay per click for placement and the second element is what is called the organic listings which are the unpaid version.

Which Option suits me better?

Well for most brand new websites it is a good idea to use Google Adwords alongside a normal SEO campaign. This is because when a domain is brand new it does take a short amount of time to build up some trust with Google and therefore it is not a bad idea to use this initially just to bring in customers immediately whilst waiting for results in the organic listings.

What businesses do you do SEO for?

I actually do SEO work for a variety of different businesses in a lots of different niches and so please contact me about any SEO work as it is probably something that I do!

I am based in London, but most of my clients are from all over the UK and also quite a few overseas. For overseas customers I can take a range of different currencies online via Paypal so is no issue in that respect and generally for overseas clients I can communicate via VOIP, Skype or email.

Why use my SEO services?
  • No Hidden Costs Involved
  • Includes Basic Website Edits
  • Monthly Reports
  • Tracking of All Keywords
  • First Page Google Listings


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