One of the recent clients we have done some work for is the well-known dating coach Johnny Cassell. As usual with one of the more comprehensive themes there can be some issues with site speed and getting this sorted out with Pingdom and Google insights can be a bit of an issue. This is where we generally will use some of the popular caching plugins which will help with a range of issues such as minifying CSS and JS and also with object and database caching.

By using one of the popular plugins for reducing image sizes such as lazy load the site will only load the images as and when they are required. There are also options to reduce image file sizes for .jpeg files through lossless compression which will also help with the overall goal of making the site load faster.

Typically by going through this process with your website we can improve the speed by a minimum of 50%. We will also go through and check which files are making the site load slower and in some case if these are redundant we can make delete them or in other cases they can be adjusted.

As this becomes more of a ranking factor with google it therefore becomes more important and something that is definitely worth doing to improve usability for the user and ranking within Google itself or any other search engines for that matter

A bit of background on Johnny’s site:

Johnny is a well-known dating coach from London and offers many different bits of advice to his followers from:

All in all a great resource for the would be dater!